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Garage Door Opener Repair Services in Denver, CO

Picture yourself coming home in the middle of a storm, or when it is raining hard, and your garage door fails to open. Every minute you spend outside struggling to open your garage door would feel like a lifetime. If your garage door is in good shape but it still fails to open, then it is likely that there is a fault in your door opener. Denver Home Garage Doors provide the best solution for garage door opener repairs in Denver region.

One of the signs that your opener is damaged is a humming sound coming from it and there is no movement. Other signs would be your garage door opening or closing without any command, and not responding to the wall switch or the opener remote.

Denver Home Garage Doors offers professionals who can easily fix all sorts of garage door opener repair or installation problems. Our experts specialize in general inspection to determine whether repair of garage door opener parts is needed or the problem can be fixed by installation of a new garage door opener. We also specialize in repair and replacement of garage door openers at a reasonable price.

So, what causes a garage door opener to fail in its normal operation of opening a garage door? This is very important to know in order to prevent inconveniences in the future.

Some Common Causes of Garage Door Opener Not Functioning Properly

  • When a door is not balanced, it will exert an excess amount of stress on one side of the opener and will eventually make it malfunction. An unbalanced door, on the other hand, can be caused by using springs of the wrong size.
  • Fault in garage door control system, such as remote, can also lead to the door's malfunctioning. The control may be the remote or the switch that you use to open the garage door. The opener may be perfectly okay, but if the control is damaged or faulty, the opener will not receive the required command to open or close the garage door.
  • It can be easy to forget that the batteries of the opener remote go dead at some point. It is quite common for people to assume that their opener is faulty when the problem could simply be that the batteries are dead. So, the next time your opener fails to open the garage door, check the batteries first, as it may well turn out to be a quick fix DIY solution that is always welcome.

Should You Repair or Replace the Door Opener?

This is determined by the extent of damage sustained by the opener, but a majority of opener problems can be fixed by our experienced and highly skilled professionals. By carefully diagnosing an opener, we are able to identify the problem and know whether the opener should be replaced, or repairs would suffice.

In most instances of a glitch in its operation, the opener is repairable and it also takes lesser time than other garage door repair services. It would involve replacing the faulty part with a new one, after which your opener will operate as new.

If your garage door opener is not working but you need to use it now, give us a call and we will immediately send a technician to your home. We respond quickly for emergencies to ensure that you garage door is fully functional when you need it so.


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